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New single 'Fools of Love featuring Cecilia Delgado' to be released. Stefan Drechsel is currently preparing the launch of his new single ‘Fools of Love featuring Cecilia Delgado’. "We are at the final steps of completing the video" says Stefan Drechsel who won Honduras born vocalist Cecilia Delgado to sing the female part of the duet. "Cecilia is such a wonderful singer with a unique, charismatic and heart touching voice, I am glad she said yes to work with me" says Stefan Drechsel. The video was produced by Cecilia Marlene and features modern contemporary dancing scenes. Release date yet to be confirmed.

Recording sessions for debut album 'Here an Now' Stefan Drechsel is also recording new material for his up-coming debut album Here and Now at his home studio, a converted church in South-East London. "My songs have become even more beautiful than I dared to imagine" says Stefan Drechsel. "I am writing my music to express the moments of grace all around" says Stefan who creates songs with minimalistic arrangements around acoustic guitar, occasionally layered with piano and electric sounds. Using only few instruments, he manages to create music that touches the soul and ignite the imagination. Release date yet to be announced.

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